Bembridge 19/20th September 2020

As we cannot have 'normal' rallies due to the Covid-19 situation, informal arrangements between skippers have become the norm.  So, although not a formal Rally, a number of Haslar Yacht Club members went to Bembridge Marina over the weekend 19/20th September.  The boats who went were

  • Skipper Rhapsody
  • Fruitbat
  • Misty Moon

While we were there, we saw other HYC Club members attending informal events organised by other clubs.  They were:-

  • Magenta
  • Kik
  • Lacewing

Hilary and I went across in Misty Moon on the Friday, but it was a bit 'bouncy'  Those that went on the Saturday found it was slightly worse.  However, we all had a good time and managed to talk 'socially distanced' on the pontoon.

Brian Masters

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