Commodore’s Report of 2018-2019 (AGM)

Welcome to Haslar Yacht Club’s tenth AGM! It is good to see so many members here this evening and I thank you all for taking the time to attend.

Our tenth anniversary is, perhaps, a small milestone in the Club’s brief history, compared to many other clubs, but an important one, nevertheless. Successive committees have done their best to maintain the ethos and values of the Club of being open, welcoming and friendly. Membership is open to all, and unlike most clubs, there is no requirement for a membership interview. We held a 10th anniversary party in conjunction with the Commodore’s Reception here at Hornet in July and were able to welcome a number of the founders of Haslar Yacht Club together with the Commodore of The Royal Air Force Yacht Club and his good lady. A splendid and entertaining evening. For the first time that I can recall we touched base with our sister clubs in Portland and East Cowes. The Medina Yacht Club in East Cowes invited us to join them for their end of season party at the Island Sailing Club and we would have been well represented had it not been for a very poor weather forecast, but 12 of us managed to make it and we were well looked after. Portland YC were due to hold a rally in the Solent celebrating their 10th anniversary and were due to meet us for dinner on the Lightship. The weather intervened again, and the rally was cancelled. Not to be deterred, however, we went ahead with the dinner and everyone enjoyed themselves to the extent that the vote was to hold another ‘home’ event. To that end we are proposing to hold a couple of evening meetings this winter with a speaker and the option to stay for a meal if you wish. This would be held at Trinity’s at Haslar.

I should like to extend my warmest thanks, on your behalf and mine, to all those who have contributed to yet another enjoyable and successful year for the club, including, of course, our dedicated band of hardworking committee members. Jem Nicholls, our cheerful Secretary does a great job of keeping us, our records and our task list (and me) in excellent order; Brian Masters is our IT, GDPR and database wizard without whom I certainly would crumble in to chaos and Ian McGregor who joined us recently has taken on responsibility for insignia and has positively transformed the role.

This AGM sees the resignation from the committee, of two stalwarts of the Club: Paul and Jacqui Baker who are taking the bold step of retiring to Spain. Paul has been our Treasurer for the last three years and we are indebted to him for taking on this role and performing it diligently. We wish them well in their new venture.

But all is not lost! Stephen Burder has kindly agreed to step up to the mark and take over the Treasurer’s position. As a fellow Chartered Accountant, I know we will be in good hands. Stephen, of course has undertaken the role of Membership Secretary for the last year, which role he needs now to relinquish but has generously agreed to continue until we can find someone to replace him. So, if you see Stephen, me or another committee member walking purposefully towards you, watch out!

During the year Haslar Marina’s Senior Berthing Master, Colin McLean, was co-opted on to the committee and has brought with him a wealth of experience and boating knowledge. Although the Club is independent of Haslar Marina we do have a strong symbiotic relationship and it is very positive to have that connection through Colin.

I am pleased to introduce two new members who have kindly agreed to put themselves forward for election to the committee at this AGM. Namely; Richard Swinbank, known as Rick, a fellow motor boater who I am sure is known to many of you. Rick and his wife Christine, who own Carries Kiss, have been members of our club for almost seven years.

I am very pleased to welcome also, Sherria Hoskins. Sherria is a new member who although new to sailing is, with her partner Serdar, renovating not one but two boats with the ultimate ambition of sailing round the world. Serdar, I should add is a very experienced sailor.

This year, the Events programme, which is at the core of our Club, consisted of 9 rallies none of which had to be cancelled due to bad weather this year, although the weather did adversely impact on numbers on a couple of occasions. The role of Events Officer is probably the most time-consuming job for one person and Stewart Velzian had to step down as Events Officer at the last AGM due to pressure of work. This year, once the Events Programme had been finalised and booked, a number of volunteers took on the day to day management of these rallies. This seemed to work quite well, although you will be the judges of that! But it does herald the future organisation of rallies. We have drawn up a template of how to run a rally, which is tried and tested, and we hope that we will be able to persuade more of you to take on a rally. Despite formally resigning as Events Officer for 2019 Stewart was still heavily involved in the Events and we thank him for his excellent contribution. As a result of a change in circumstances, we are delighted to welcome Stewart back as Events Officer for the coming season hence his nomination to that role in the forthcoming election

The Events programme for 2020 has been planned and a number of venues already booked so if you could find the time to take on the administration of an individual rally that would be ideal. Please give your name to our Secretary, Jem Nicholls after the meeting, if you feel you could help the club in this way. It really is a fun job and a great way to meet new members.

To maintain good order, we are asking the members to approve changes to the Constitution by formally creating the membership category Honorary Membership with explanations to define the difference between Honorary and Complementary membership.

It remains for me to thank you all for attending the AGM this evening and look forward to happy boating and an enjoyable year in 2020.

Fair winds as the saying goes.

David Whitehead

15th November 2019










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