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A very happy New Year to you all and I hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas wherever you were.

I write this in a south-easterly Force 4 in slight to moderate seas about a day’s sail south of Madagascar. So far, it has been a very relaxing trip with the only minor incident being an abscess under   a lower tooth which was fixed in Cape Town! Root canal job and anti-biotics for £65.

With temperatures here of 24°C, thoughts turn to the coming sailing season and whether we will be as fortunate with the weather overall as we were last summer. Although a couple of rallies were cancelled due to bad weather, it really was bad luck that the winds blew up on those weekends and then settled down in the week! I guess it has always been thus! Nevertheless, a great year for boating!

The rally programme for 2019 was announced at the AGM and berths and venues booked. There is always the odd wrinkle to sort out, especially when a venue wakes up after Christmas and realises they are double booked! All part of the fun.

As you may be aware there is a change to the day to day management of the HYC rallies this year. Stewart Velzian, ably assisted by Helen, has managed all the rallies since he took over from Brian Dunton, but was finding the day to day management of rallies conflicting (heavily at times) with fulfilling a full time, high pressure job.

Initially, your committee sought to find a member to take over as Events Officer, but the reality of the situation is that once the programme for the year has been established and booked (which, this year as last, was done by a small group of us,) it is with the day to day management that assistance is really required.

You may recall at the AGM that I requested members to volunteer to manage a rally (or two) and I am obliged to those who responded positively; in addition, a number of the committee have stepped up to the mark, but we still need more people to assist. You will have plenty of support and it is a fun role, so if you feel you would like to help the club by taking on a rally please email the Secretary, Jeremy Nicholls, or me,

David Whitehead

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