Easter Rally to Weymouth 25th - 28th March 2016

With 13 boats booked on the rally and 30 members and friends coming along, we seemed set fair for a great weekend. Sadly nobody told the weather gods!! In the week leading up to the rally the weather was superb and, taking advantage of  this, three boats, Tallulah, Luvitt Too and Icarus  set off from Haslar Marina on the Wednesday before and had a really lovely passage to Weymouth. Leading up to the weekend I was in regular contact with many of the members, in particular John Walker, one of our committee, who was taking a lead role liaising with the sailing boats. Then "Katy" appeared on the weather radar!! Storm force winds forecast overnight on Easter Sunday into Easter Monday. Unsurprisingly, all of the boats dropped out one by one ......

However, determined to make the most of what Weymouth has to offer, the 6 of us (Miles & Debbie on Luvitt Too, Peter and Lyn on Icarus and Dawne and I from Tallulah) started with a fine meal in Mallams. The following day some had a trip on the train to Dorchester (lovely town and 8 minutes away on the train), a walk round Nothe Fort, shopping, cinema, and so on! Saturday we continued with our meal booked at The Cove House Inn. By this time our ex-HYC Secretary, Paul Taylor and his wife Carol had driven down to join us on Tallulah so the 8 of us enjoyed our meal.

Sunday dawned..... Peter and Lyn decided to go home by train as did Dawne & I and the Taylors. Debbie and Miles decided to brave the storm and had  a bumpy and restless night in the marina (but thankfully were there to check the other two boats in the morning). They then also returned home by train, planning to collect their boat the following weekend.

Not our finest rally ever, but for those of us that did get there, we still had a lovely time.

So much for smooth seas and blue  skies ........

Brian Dunton, Events Officer, Haslar Yacht Club

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