Membership of the Haslar Yacht Club

How to Join

The steps in the process for becoming a member are:

1.   Go to the Application Form page.  Enter your email address and complete the security check code and then click on the Next button.

2.   Complete all the required fields including the consent boxes. Click the Next button.

3.   You can now either proceed to pay with “PayPal” or click the “Invoice me” button if you are going to pay by BACs or are a new annual berth holder and have a voucher for your first year's membership.

4.   You will receive 3 emails:

  1. Welcome letter telling you your membership has been initiated.
  2. Confirmation of your login and system generated password.  You should go into your profile and change the password.
  3. An invoice if you have not already paid via PayPal.
5.   New berth holders should print the invoice, attach the voucher, and hand this into the marina office please.  Payment will then be co-ordinated between the club and boatfolk.

6.   The Membership Secretary and Treasurer will look out for your payment, check your application and clear the invoice.  We are all volunteers so this may take a couple of weeks or so.  You will get another email once this is done. You will not be able to enter bundle members or register for events until this is completed.

7.   Add your bundle members. The consent boxes must be completed for each member.


We are here to help.  Please email if you have any questions.

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