Membership of the Haslar Yacht Club

Haslar Yacht Club is a Yacht Club for boating people in and around the Gosport area.

It is a club run by the members for the benefit of it's members located in Portsmouth Harbour in the shadow of the famous Spinnaker Tower.

We are a social cruising club and run a full list of events both on and off the water. Our focus is on friendship, sharing experiences and promoting confidence when on the water.

The new membership scheme is now in place whereby family membership of Haslar Yacht Club is designated as a “bundle” of up to 3 people for a single membership subscription of £40.

The new system requires one member of the “bundle” to be the administrator. Their role is to add additional family members who live at the same address and are over 16 years of age.  By doing this, those additional members will get the benefits of HYC membership and the club benefits by having additional members when negotiating with local businesses for discounts for HYC members.

We have membership cards in the name of Haslar Yacht Club; each card carries a unique membership number with the facility for recording the member’s signature on the reverse of the card.

The membership card is the tangible evidence that you are a member of HYC.

As an enhancement to membership benefits, Committee members are in the process of approaching a range of different businesses in and around Gosport and Cowes to ascertain interest in joining a loyalty scheme whereby their businesses would be advertised within the Club in exchange for offering discounts to HYC members. It is anticipated that in order to obtain the benefit of the discount, the member would be required to show their membership card.

Please note that the businesses within the scheme will be different to those with whom Dean & Reddyhoff have already negotiated discounted rates and will offer a range of benefits for both ladies and gentlemen.

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