October Club Night - The Nautical Quiz

A well attended event and, with two teams arriving from the Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club (FSMBC), a return match from our quiz earlier in the year was clearly on the cards. In the event two of the FSMBC players joined Kay and Nigel Hicks in a cross club team calling themselves "With No Name" that transpired to be the team to beat as the evening progressed. In all, six teams managed to find space in the bistro on the lower deck of the Lightship.

The Lightship had their normal menu available but the £5 curry and rice, laid on for our event, proved very popular with the teams.

The various rounds met with more or less enthusiasm! The poetry round, scripted by our public schoolgirl Commodore Anne, turned out to be, well, REALLY difficult (apparently there'll be a football round in the next quiz!).

As we commenced the final round, the scores were getting ever closer, with "Alzheimers Inc.", led by Commodore Anne, in close contention with the "Fareham Fiddlers", one of the FSMBC teams, and "With No Name" still in the lead. It took a while to get through the final music round as everyone seemed to want to complete the ENTIRE song from the 10 second soundbite supplied ..... nothing to do with the alcohol consumption I'm sure.....


Representatives of the winning teams collect their rewards!



"With No Name"

Finally, having led throughout the quiz, "With No Name" were caught by the "Fareham Fiddlers" but NOT overtaken. A dead heat, so the spoils were shared amongst the winners. The wooden Spoon (actually the plastic coathanger) was awarded to the "Salty Seadogs", the other FSMBC team.

Well done to all and a return match at the FSMBC Clubhouse is scheduled for 30th October so, if you're up for it, let me know and we'll put some teams together - Brian Dunton, HYC Events Officer

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