HYC Easter 2014 Trip to Weymouth

Another successful trip to Weymouth, with light winds for the Friday passage saw all the boats moored up by early evening.

It was great to meet friends old and new on the Pontoon party, before a lively dinner at Prezzo Italian restaurant.

Saturday saw both Tim and Stuart climb their masts for maintenance, with help from other members with the winching, the rest of the day being spent exploring this very pretty port.

Taxis arrived promptly at 6.30 to whisk us away to Portland Marina and the newly opened Harbour Lights restaurant.

On Sunday it rained pretty much all day, but the Cineworld complex opposite the marina could be reached without too much of a soaking !

Then Monday, the sailing yachts departed early to catch the tide at both St Albans head and the Needles, again with light winds and smooth seas. The motor boats left later with a detour to Portland where Tallulah was being left prior to crossing the channel a few weeks later, Brian and Dawne hitching a lift back on other boats.

Boat Name      Skipper                        Crew                                                            Sail/Motor

Icarus              Peter Day                     Lyn Day                                                        Motor

Tallulah            Brian Dunton               Dawne Dunton                                                 Motor

Yasmine          Chris Porter                  Pat Porter                                                      Motor

Luvitt Two        Miles Thomas              Debbie Murphy                                                Motor

Chelsea Blues  Rob Ardley                   Lyn Ardley, Faisal, Rick                                   Motor

Minimum         Paul Taylor                  Carol Taylor                                                      Sail

Trollinger         Stewart Velzian             Helen Velzian                                                  Sail

Sparkling Spirit  Tim Waite                   Jenni Waite                                                     Sail

Athena             Roland Pullinger          Carole & Gordon Bentley, Reg Gigg                    Sail                 

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