Folly Inn Rally 18th – 19th June 2016

Saturday morning started off bright and warm with boats arriving throughout the day. Those arriving were welcomed by a team of club members eagerly waiting to catch lines making mooring into the side on breeze a doddle. Entertainment was provided by a boat full of young stags dressed as sailors demonstrating drunken diving into the Medina. Such fun!

With eleven boats and twenty-four people we had a good mix of old and new members and we knew we were in for a good night out. The evening started with the obligatory pontoon party and Jem kindly stripped his saloon table from Nemo to provide a home for our drinks and snacks. Ingenious! The Folly was packed to the gunwales with HYC on “front of house tables” and despite taking a while for food to start arriving the quality was as usual excellent.

According to a Japanese proverb “We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we may as well dance”. And so it was that Haslar Yacht Club took to the tables to prove the Japanese right!

The Folly Inn is always a fun night out where everyone gets to let their hair down, (even if they haven’t got any).  He’s no Fred Astaire but I think Jem took first prize for his manic writhing!

Sunday morning again provided a bright start with a fair breeze and boats gradually started slipping away with the help of club members, and were rewarded by a nice sail back in fair conditions until Gilkicker point where it suddenly became very choppy!

The final boat list was;

Boat Name


Free Spirit

Tony & Lilah Lidgate


Andrew Spong & Sharon Benton


Charles Dingle


Hannah Mackinlay, Richrd Buxton, Gary Condon


John & Lesley Leheup

Sparkling Spirit

Tim & Jenni Waite


Stewart & Helen Velzian


Philip & Peggy Hampson


Jeremy & Ann Nicholls, Julia Lovejoy-Brinkman, Ray Page, Joanna Sneddon, Becky Hadley


Michael Phillips

Misty Moon

Brian & Hilary Masters

Stewart Velzian, Asst. Events Officer, Haslar Yacht Club

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