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Home / Events / Cross Channel Rally to Cherbourg and St Vaast
Home / Events / Cross Channel Rally to Cherbourg and St Vaast

Cross Channel Rally to Cherbourg and St Vaast

19th June - 19 July

This rally is for those who would like to cross the Channel with other club members.  There will be planning information and meetings for those who have not done it before.

This rally is set to run at the same time as the 2 night rally to Yarmouth so if you would prefer a longer journey abroad this is the rally for you! Please DO NOT book both rallies.  You are welcome to switch between them at any time up until bookings close for Yarmouth on Friday 14 June, at which time we are committed to providing Yarmouth harbour with final details of the boats attending.

The plan is to leave Haslar on or after the 19th June depending on the weather.  There is no commitment to leave on a specific day and if necessary we will wait for a suitable slot to make the Channel crossing in comfort.  

The plan is to go to Cherbourg where we will stay for a few days to enjoy what it has to offer e.g. Cité de la Mer with its Aquarium and Nuclear Submarine, the parks, supermarkets, restaurants, markets and wine merchants, let alone the great food that is to be had there.

It is then up to individual boats as to what they want to do.  Some may head west and perhaps go to Dielette, Carteret, Alderney, Guernsey or Jersey.  Brian and Hilary Masters are planning to head east to St Vaast and then continue around the ports in the Baie de Seine probably finishing up in Honfleur. Others may choose to return back to the UK.

St Vaast is a fascinating port with its mussel and oyster beds serving the Paris market and its active fishing fleet. You can be sure of some spectacular seafood. A visit to Monsieur Gosselin will further stimulate your taste buds and his wine cellars are a must for a visit. They'll even deliver directly to your boat!

Lead boat for the sailing boats will be "Misty Moon" with Brian and Hilary Masters advising where necessary on your passage planning and leaving with you on the outward leg. There may be a lead 'Motor Boat' but that is yet to be confirmed.

At this stage, we are trying to find out if there is interest in this rally.  More details will emerge as more people 'sign-up' for the rally and we collectively decide what the itinerary will be.  There will be briefing notes and meetings between now and then to help members decide when and where they will leave from, timings, boat preparation, paperwork, etc.  Once you sign up, I will be in touch to offer advice.

Please sign up below to indicate your interest in this Rally.  There is no commitment involved.

Brian Masters

Crew needed and available

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