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Home / The Club / Becoming a member

Becoming a member

(To add a person to your membership, see here.)

New Members are always welcome

Using the Join button above, there are 3 stages in becoming a member:-

  1. Create an account.
  2. Apply for membership.
  3. Submit application and make payment if required.  Once a membership has been activated, you will have access to more information on the web site.

Joining Process:

  1. Use the 'Join' button on the right hand side under the Haslar Yacht Club Banner.
  2. Select the ''Create an account' or 'Continue' button at the bottom of this page. Complete the basic details required to create an account.  Click the ''Create account' button.
  3. This should take you to an 'Apply to join' page.  (If you decide to come back later, you can log back in with the details you gave in the 'create account' page and then, on the Portal page,  select the 'Membership(Join)' button on the right hand side.)
  4. Select the membership type, normally 'Individual/Family Membership'. and fill in the fields requested.  (You can select 'Temporary Membership' if say, you are visiting the area and only want to join for a month or two.)
  5. Please complete all the fields.  Note: You can add up to 2 additional members at this stage or add them once you become a member. 
  6. If you are a Haslar Marina new annual berth holder, please answer with the information requested.
  7. Click the ''Apply' button.
  8. You will now have the 'Application pending' page shown.  We will get in touch once you application has been approved.
  9. Once the membership secretary has activated your membership, you will receive a welcome note and an invoice if you are not a new berth holder.  At this stage you can book on events.
  10. If you receive an invoice, we would appreciate that you settle the invoice as soon as possible.

Adding family members to your membership.

You can include family members with your initial membership application. However, if you want to add them later, you need to send a note to the Membership Secretary with their first and second name, their mobile number and their email address if they have one.  The membership secretary can then add them to your membership.  If the new member has an email addrress, they can use the login - password reset facility to set a password for their account.

We are here to help.

Please email if you have any questions.

Last updated 13:22 on 25 October 2023

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