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Home / News / Easter Rally to Mercury Yacht Harbour 2023 - April 2023
Home / News / Easter Rally to Mercury Yacht Harbour 2023 - April 2023
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Easter Rally to Mercury Yacht Harbour 2023 - April 2023

Published 11:22 on 11 Apr 2023

This was our first Haslar Yacht Club rally and first foray into the Solent. Maybe choosing Easter bank holiday to head up the River Hamble wasn't the most sensible first step but on the whole it went very well. We are really grateful to Brian for his superb organisation over the weekend. All we had to worry about was being in the right places at allotted times. 

The journey to Mercury Yacht Harbour on Good Friday was fairly uneventful thanks to the 36 waypoints on my passage plan (Maybe a bit OTT but you cant be too careful). We thoroughly enjoyed everyone's company on the walks, meals and pontoon parties and really feel we are starting to belong to the Haslar boating community, it's lovely. It was great having the company of so many experienced seafarers sharing their tall tales but also happy to give us advice which I'm sure must have felt very basic at times.  

The journey home on Sunday was a tad hair raising, dodging thousands of racing yachts (Im not kidding) heading in all directions and contending with a very lumpy sea, our first experience of the Solent chop. 19 mph winds in a motor boat is not comfy. Luckily we missed the sea fog which descended a few minutes after our arrival back in Haslar. Thank you to everyone who attended the rally for making our weekend so enjoyable. Roll on Island Harbour.

Saturdays walk if youre interested 4.88 miles

Cathy Hems

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