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Home / News / Haslar Yacht Club Frostbite Rally 2024 Shepherds Marina Cowes (16-17 March 2024)
Home / News / Haslar Yacht Club Frostbite Rally 2024 Shepherds Marina Cowes (16-17 March 2024)

Haslar Yacht Club Frostbite Rally 2024 Shepherds Marina Cowes (16-17 March 2024)

Published 17:34 on 20 Mar 2024

Dawn broke on the big day, first HYC Boat Trip of 2024!

Bonito was ready and waiting for the adventure, I'd visited in the week to check things over and make sure everything was working for the arduous trip across the Solent to Cowes.

The sun was shining and no frost could be seen, light winds forecast and reported on the Bramblemet website, so no need to break/melt/thaw any 'ice' for the trip this year !

After a hearty breakfast, nutrition is important on such a long voyage, Vizma and I boarded Bonito at about 11am and set about preparing for the trip. Disaster!, we immediately found that the Bow Thruster was not working, it had been tested on Wednesday but that's boating.

We exited our Haslar berth and stored the fenders and ropes, well Vizma did all that actually I just steered Bonito from the flybridge in the pleasant weather even if the sunshine had now gone

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A very enjoyable potter down the Solent ensued, calm conditions with only a light breeze from the south, we thought it must be good conditions for sailing for those still of that persuasion with only a couple of big ships to dodge on the way

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After a few minutes at planing speed to make sure everything was given a good run on this first trip for a while we approached Cowes. Bonito managed 18kts which is a bit down from the usual 20+ but the hull is filthy as Bonito is due out for antifouling in a couple of weeks, fuel consumption was also a good 15% up on 'clean hull' consumption.

On arrival we found Blue Moon, Misty Moon and Wakatere had beaten us to it, but we still had an alongside slot which we got into easily enough even without a bow thruster.

Soon other rally boats arrived and the pontoon was resplendent with Haslar Yacht Club banners!

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After wandering into town for provisions before the forecasted rain appeared, the Six Nations Rugby was calling…. so Bonito's TV was on and an enthralling Italy vs Wales match passed the afternoon with a boating background, well it did for me Vizma preferred to do some drawing in the comfort of the cabin instead.

Soon it was time for evening entertainment, starting with a Pontoon Party….. provisioned by Stuart and Helen and hosted by Brian and Hilary aboard the warm and cozy Misty Moon, Thanks!

Wine, Beer and even 'cocktails' were enjoyed…… here's Jonathan with an experimental Red wine and Guiness concoction! 

Fortunately the drink experiments were cut short as it was time to wander up to the Island Sailing Club for dinner. After some discussion we found our way to the ISC door, grateful that at least Charles from Wakatere knew the way.

Seating in the Conservatory worked really well, and provided a ringside seat for the Tall Ships Youth Trust presentations in the next room !

Excellent food and drink was enjoyed as always that this friendly club.

Plans were discussed about departure in the morning, a consensus of 'as late as possible' seemed to be formed

Soon it was morning, overnight rain had mostly dried up so after a hearty breakfast, again , Bonito was readied and reversed out into the Medina, span around to avoid a train of dinghies and the IOW ferry, and out into the Solent.

Out in the Solent we saw quite a few boats enjoying a pleasant sail in the benign conditions.

Whilst some cloud cover remained there were 'blue clouds' to the south west so the promised afternoon sunshine seemed likely, and so it was that by the time Bonito was tucked up in our berth at Haslar a beautiful spring afternoon was upon us.

We'll count that as a successful and enjoyable Frostbite Rally, thanks to Jem for organising !


Upon investigation, and discussions with Quick Italy's UK office in Southampton, worn thruster motor brushes have been diagnosed as the cause of our recalcitrant Bow Thruster, so Bonito will soon be pirouetting again

Bonito, Vizma and Steve.


Last updated 11:27 on 25 March 2024

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