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    Frostbite Rally to West Cowes 19-20th March

    The first rally of the season is always an exciting one, and the Frostbite Rally was no exception. The weather conditions were never going to be a competitor for the more balmy weather that will come our way over the warmer months, but who needs higher temperatures to create enthusiasm? Certainly not the members of Haslar Yacht Club! There is a pent-up enthusiasm for experiences right now. After nearly two years

    Published 11:37 on 31 Mar 2022

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    East Cowes Rally 9/10th October 2021

    The End of Season Rally followed on from a very successful talk by Mike OMeara on 'Raising the Gold on HMS Edinburgh' on the Friday evening. On the Saturday morning, the fleet set sail for East Cowes. Although one boat had travelled across earlier in the week, most arrived by early afternoon.  There was very little wind, so only one boat 'sailed' across.  Well done to Jonathan and the crew of 'Blue Moon'.

    Published 00:00 on 9 Oct 2021

  • West Cowes Rally 29th thru 31st May 2021

    Given all the times I have been to Cowes, this was my first venture into West Cowes and the Yacht haven. Single handed and trying to avoid the myriad of boats who, like me, were not sure where to go, I sailed blindly past the HYC battle flag, clearly visible on Brian's boat, into the South Basin and towards the other set of white capped piles. Wrong ones. I looked around to see the HYC

    Published 00:00 on 10 Jun 2021

  • East Cowes Rally 5th September 2020

    East Cowes Rally 5th September 2020 It was with a very cautious approach that this rally went ahead due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The restrictions in place leading up to and during the weekend meant that gatherings of this sort could go ahead as long as we didn't have groups of more than 6 people. So this was our first "socially distanced" club rally of

    Published 00:00 on 10 Sep 2020

  • East Cowes end of season rally 12/13 October 2019

    Well there we were two weeks to go, 42 members and guests signed up to join our 'sister club', Medina Yacht Club for their end of summer party at the Island Sailing Club. Buffet dinner, wine on the table and entertainment. And then the weather intervened. Instead of waiting for Godot, we were now waiting for Lorenzo, or at least its tail end. Unlike Godot, it turned up.

    Published 00:00 on 18 Oct 2019

  • Frostbite Rally East Cowes March 23/24 2019

    The first HYC Rally of the year gets our Sailing Season off to a good start. There were 11 boats booked on the Rally and we all made it, which is a record for the Frostbite Rally! It was a mixture of Power and Sailing boats, which is always good to see. Some boats arrived on the Friday or even earlier(!), but most arrived on the Saturday morning. The weather was fine with very

    Published 00:00 on 28 Mar 2019

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    Frostbite Rally - East Cowes March 17/18 2018

    The Frostbite Rally in 2018 lived up to its name! There were originally 19 boats and 38 people booked on the rally, however the weather had other ideas. The forecast was for snow and strong winds over the weekend particularly on Sunday. This was enough to make most people cancel so by the Friday evening, the rally was down to only 6 boats with 4 planning to make the crossing

    Published 00:00 on 25 Mar 2018

  • Frostbite Rally 2017

    Our 2017 Rally program got off to a blustery start with strong winds, a choppy sea but generally quite mild temperatures. Over half of the boats arrived on the Friday taking advantage of a slightly better forecast and gathered for dinner in The Lifeboat with thanks to Tim Waite for having the foresight to book a large table. The remainder of the Rally arrived throughout Saturday triumphant in their achievement of beating the wind

    Published 00:00 on 25 Mar 2017

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    East Cowes Rally 29 - 30 October 2016

    With a continuation of the superb weather we have been enjoying, the rally was set fair to welcome the 25 boats that had registered to attend. We actually had 22 arrive as three our members had problems either mechanical or domestic. East Cowes marina performed their normal friendly efficient job of allocating berths, even accommodating one itinerant member who decided he wanted to berth at the other end of the marina from the rally (!)

    Published 00:00 on 5 Nov 2016

  • Frostbite Rally 27/28 February 2016

    Originally we had 19 boats registered for this event, however, despite the weather in the week leading up to the event being bright and settled, the forecast for the rally weekend promised brisk NE winds of F5-7. As a result there were many people who decided not to attend and of the remainder, some made passage to Cowes Yacht Haven on Friday afternoon. This included our two single handed sailors Mike and Charles on "Nordlys"

    Published 00:00 on 5 Mar 2016

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